In 2015, Texas Equal Access Fund set out to raise awareness in Dallas County about the need for public funding for abortion with support from the National Institute for Reproductive Health. The initiative included two pieces: conversations with local county and city officials about the need for abortion access, and the development of art performances to raise public awareness about the Hyde Amendment and the need for funding for abortion. The first performance of Not That Simple, a dance performance based on the experience of those calling the TEA Fund funding hotline created by local choreographer Danielle Georgiou, premiered in January of 2016.

In 2016, Texas Freedom Network joined TEA Fund to support this local policy agenda and advocacy, and the Reproductive Justice Agenda for Dallas County was created, inspired by the work of sister organizations Lilith Fund and NARAL Pro-Choice Texas for Houston. The Reproductive Justice Agenda for Dallas Countyelevates the need for better access to a full range of reproductive healthcare options for all people, including abortion, as well as issues that impact the ability of people to parent their children in safety.